Testimonials and Thanks


Hi Leah, j

ust wanted to say thank you for the beautiful hair and makeup you did for me. I took a picture of my hair and makeup after the shoot. Despite all the travelling, wind, and lots of sweat, everything stayed quite well and we are very happy with that. Thanks again for the awesome job!" 

Bride, Elsa

"Thank you so much for saving us today! We appreciate your work so much and look forward to working with you in the future, xoxo" 

-Lauren & Lyndsey
Co-owners of 'Hey Jude'

Many Thanks,

"Hi Leah, hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks again for making last week's photo shoot that much more enjoyable - it was great working with you - you do really nice work!" 

-Laura Warkentin 
Owner/Designer of 'So Martha So Mary'

Special Thanks,

"Here it is! The photo we created for 'Mamie Taylor's'. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this one. Special thanks to Leah Roberts for the great job on make-up. It was a long day of lighting and set up, but stoked on the moment we captured. Look for this one in Van Magazine in September or October 2014." 

-Guy Roland 
Co-owner of 'NBD Creative Productions'

Thanks all around,

"Well guys, I'm at a loss for words about how grateful I am to everyone who made 'Becoming Sophie' a reality. This has been a long but rewarding journey for me and there are SO many people who helped make it possible. Leah Roberts, thank you for making me so beautiful every day. You're such a delight to have on set and your work is so beautiful." 

-Ashley Alexander
Writer/Lead Actress of 'Becoming Sophie'